Darwin suggested, 
‘we suffer, sometimes terribly but not in vain’.

Quote from Star Trek V. The Final Frontier. 
Capt. Kirk speaking to Dr. McCoy “Bones”
                                     “... I need my pain!”

              So perhaps we do, for what
                  is the measure of our joy,
                  what the glory of light
            If we have never seen the night.

                            GW Brooks 01-21-10

            The Game's Real Winner

          All games can't be won except
       if losing may be the winning hand.
   Just as some would 'lose' the argument
                  just to win the sale;
                      one hand lost
               doesn't lose the game.

       But not all games can be so played,
               as in some games of cards
         chance lies as much in our choice
                 as in the shuffled deck.
                     With rules applied
                 what is played stands.

          Could we though play it again,
   allowing 'the other choice to be made'
    we'd find that the game can be won.
   Yet another played, either way, is lost.
      Played enough we'd learn chance
          is the real winner of the game.

     We might then ask, Is it all just a game ?
Perhaps, if you so choose; life is for the living
  and has pretty much been lived every way.
                  But only the living can
               and each of us are unique
   in a hugely immense developing universe.

                                      GW Brooks  04-25-11

 Where is the Dream, The Dreamer,
  What was it he saw when last he dreamt,
Or did he dream at all; or unable to recall
  Waking to the morrow but just another day?

He did say, “ ... yesterday is all but forgotten
  and tomorrow never comes, its always today.
But know, that tomorrow is remembered if
  it is we dream and remember what was dreamt.
Yesterday never leaves if we believe in the one
  most important thing in life . . . our self!”

“The ‘Self’ isn’t so easily carried, worn or defined.
  my self isn’t yours nor yours mine or another’s.
Are then dreams a place we look into or from, or
  are just yours or mine or are they something more?”

“If the Dreamer dreams and tells, is it a remembrance
   or a wish, hope or the mind sorting yesterday.
Then if it is that the dreams prove true or seems to
   did it that we believed and brought it to the morrow?” 
Too many questions leads not to a belief or a founding
   and when I said so, the Dreamer smiled, saying, “Now
You have learned; and the dreams are dreamt by all or
   one for none stand or sleep alone.” Then closed his eyes.

                                   GW Brooks 08-20-09