Once I laughed so hard
      I cried, and wiped the 
                           tear away. 
      and summer passed
              and fall
               and winter came
                 and nearly passed
    but before it did
                     it snowed again.
It may have been the wind
            or my turning to look
                                   or both - 
        suddenly a snowflake
               melted at the 
                     corner of my eye.
        It made me laugh
            I don't know why
                      but I did
           and as I wiped it away
                       I knew Spring's coming
                would be okay.
I turned fully then, snow
        stopped falling,
                    by afternoon it was 
. . . and I laughed again.

As Earth bows 
          to the Sun, its rays strike 
             no glancing blow but are absorbed 
                                              in full measure; (we here where winter comes and goes) 
        are gifted with 
                              life’s full pleasure. Blades of grass, 
                                                       leaving trees and shoots all green of the freshest hue … all new. 
                                                                                                                       We too awake 
                                                                                                                                      and find the Spring,
                                                                                                                                                 . . . and hope! 
                                   GW Brooks 04-18-09 

 Some years the snow falls 
                    cold, it drizzles – icing 
 but not many, 
                  and this year 
                             it snowed
Just a little, and 
                  then again 
           and once more to say 
      Winter has come 
                  to claim its season. 

Tracks reveal the travel of 
                   life we seldom see. 
Tiny feet from nooks and cover, 
            turkeys' end with flight. 
And so the snow 
         reads; falling 
                     light, falling heavy, 
         by winters end eight 
                                     feet deep 
         and no more room to shovel. 

And then, the Spring and Summer 
        no ice, no snow, 
                       but there are
G W Brooks 12-15-09