The Game's Real Winner

          All games can't be won except
       if losing may be the winning hand.
   Just as some would 'lose' the argument
                  just to win the sale;
                      one hand lost
               doesn't lose the game.

       But not all games can be so played,
               as in some games of cards
         chance lies as much in our choice
                 as in the shuffled deck.
                     With rules applied
                 what is played stands.

          Could we though play it again,
   allowing 'the other choice to be made'
    we'd find that the game can be won.
   Yet another played, either way, is lost.
      Played enough we'd learn chance
          is the real winner of the game.

     We might then ask, Is it all just a game ?
Perhaps, if you so choose; life is for the living
  and has pretty much been lived every way.
                  But only the living can
               and each of us are unique
   in a hugely immense developing universe.


GW Brooks  04-25-11